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Objetivos Educacionales / Educational Objectives
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They are the capabilities that must show a graduate in their professional practice:

Educational objectives
a. Technical competence
Demonstrate solid expertise in the analysis, design, implementation and management of information systems-based software to create, improve and optimize processes in organizations.
b. Versatility and adaptability
Work and interact in different areas and levels of an engineering project, achieving the proposed objectives and results.
c. Communication and teamwork
Communicate effectively in oral, written and graphic form, their ideas and projects, to integrate into multidisciplinary teams and be able to lead them.
d. Professionalism
Behave correctly, respecting the standards and ethics of the profession; assuming their social and professional responsibilities.
e. Learning throughout life
Trained and continually updated, assimilating the advances in science and technology related to their profession and completing graduate studies and specialization fields.

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