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Educational Outcomes
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Educational Objectives of the Program regarding the abilities that the graduates must show in their professional performance.

(a) Technical competence.
Demonstrate a strong technical competence for the planning and control of operations, design and improvement of processes, formulation and evaluation of projects, management of logistics operations, as well as the development of industrial automation processes.

(b) Versatility and Adaptability.
Work and interact at different levels of an engineering project, achieving productivity improvement and advancing in your field of professional development.

(c) Communication and Teamwork.
Communicate effectively and proactively participate in multidisciplinary teams that perform as leaders or active members that achieve goals and proposed outcomes.

(d) Professionalism.
Behave correctly respecting the ethical norms and principles of the profession, and projecting themselves citizens and professionals as responsible.

(e) Lifelong Learning.
To develop a learning and continuous formation, assimilation of the changes and the advances in the profession, completing the specialization and postgraduate studies.

(f) Business.
Innovate products, processes and systems, improving their results and meeting the needs of stakeholders, or developing the company itself as a personal Project.

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